Rated output (kW) 8
Heating efficiency (%) 79
Weight (kg) 161.63
Meets requirements
  • Ecodesign
  • Compliance with BIMSCHV 2
  • Designed for recuperation
Availability 14 days of implementation In productionn
Expected delivery date 19.03 - 20.03
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The TOFA wood-burning freestanding stove is a harmonious combination of modernity and versatile design. With a wide range of heat outputs from 6 kW to 10 kW and a nominal output of 8 kW, the TOFA stove efficiently heats rooms with an average size of 60 m² to 100 m².

The TOFA stove uses high-grade steel, which ensures not only resistance to high temperatures but also structural stability. This is particularly important to ensure the safety as well as the long-term use of the stove.

TOFA is equipped with a GLASS door with an aesthetically pleasing black décor, which gives it an elegant appearance. It has a convenient handle in the form of a rail for opening the door. It is a stove that not only offers comfort and safety, but also features a modern design that fits in perfectly with a variety of interior settings.

TOFA meets the requirements of the ECOPROJECT and the strict German BlmschV II standard. This guarantees high efficiency, low emissions, and a safe combustion process.



- prolonged temperature maintenance thanks to lining the combustion chamber with TERMOTEC accumulation material,

- intuitive adjustment of the air supply,

- handle in the form of a railing provides a comfortable grip along its entire length,

- cast iron grate and steel ash pan in the form of a pull-out drawer,

- clean glass system allows the glass to be kept clean,

- heat-resistant glass with temperature resistance of up to 600°C,

- closing mechanism prevents the stove door from accidentally being left open,

- adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors and level the stove,

- triple aeration system of the combustion chamber contributes to the high efficiency of the combustion process,

- deepened combustion chamber accommodates more wood,

- extension of the flue gas flow thanks to two deflectors, this contributes to lowering the temperature of the flue gas which translates into higher efficiency of the combustion process and lower chimney losses,

- air intake by means of an external spigot (with the possibility of connection from the back as well as from the bottom) with a diameter of fi 100,

- stove covered with a specially designed paint mix, The stove is covered with a specially designed paint mixture with increased scratch resistance and uniform and smooth texture, the paint is resistant to high temperatures,

- top plate made of 5mm thick steel,

- chamber under the firebox is equipped with a push to open mechanism,

- complies with the criteria of the ECODESIGN and the strict German standard BlmschV II,

- designed for homes with recuperation.


TERMOTEC accumulation material

The combustion chamber of the TOFA stove is equipped with TERMOTEC, a heat accumulating material that increases the temperature in the furnace. This ensures more efficient combustion and longer temperature retention. As a result, after the hearth is extinguished, the heat is still transferred to the room in which it is located for a long time.


Handle in the form of a rail

The handle in the form of a rail provides a comfortable grip along its entire length which makes the stove easier to operate and adds to the comfort of use. The railing also functions as a handle based on latches that ensure smooth and quiet operation of the entire mechanism. The excellent quality of the material and the special design of the handle ensure comfortable use of the stove


Convenient cleaning

The stove can be easily kept clean thanks to the cast iron grate and the steel drawer that collects the ashes.

The ash pan is located below the combustion chamber and access to it is easy as it does not require the removal of the grate which makes it easy to empty the ash that collects in it. The entire cleaning process of the stove is fast, convenient, and comfortable.


Clean glass system

The purpose of the clean glass system is to keep the glass clean and allow you to see the burning wood. The flames in the fireplace not only provide warmth, but also bring a pleasant atmosphere and a moment of relaxation into the room.


Safe closing system

The stove is equipped with a closing mechanism as standard, which consists of tension springs that automatically close the stove door. This prevents the mechanism from accidentally leaving the door in the open position.

Additionally, the door locking mechanism allows you to safely refill the wood and carry out maintenance work. The locking mechanism keeps the door open, which facilitates the process of adding wood to the stove and prevents the door from closing accidentally. Once locked, the door remains open until the lock is released.


High efficiency of the combustion process

The TOFA stove uses a triple aeration system for the combustion chamber. Primary air, which facilitates the firing of wood, is supplied under the grate. The secondary air, ensuring ecological combustion, is supplied through holes in the rear wall of the stove. The air curtain efficiently supplies air directly to the glass through a system of ducts located on the sides of the stove. In this way, the gases produced during wood combustion are post-combusted, further reducing the emission of harmful CO into the atmosphere.


Heat resistance

The use of high-quality steel in the body and front of the TOFA stove ensures not only heat resistance but also structural stability. The top plate of the stove is made of 5 mm thick steel. This is particularly important for safety, as well as the long-term use of the stove.

The TOFA stove is coated with a specially designed paint mixture with increased scratch resistance and a uniform and smooth structure. The paint is resistant to high temperatures.

The stove is also equipped with heat-resistant ceramics from the renowned manufacturer SCHOTT ROBAX, characterized by a temperature resistance of up to 600°C.

Technical data

General data
Rated output (kW)8
Front typeSteel front with ceramic glass
Flue outlet diameter (mm)150
Door opening systemLeft
Heating power range (kW)6.0 - 10.0
Self ClosureYes
Lining colorWhite
Exhaust gas temperature (℃)280
Heating efficiency (%)79
Physical parameters
Weight (kg)161.63
Width (cm)58.9
Height (cm)126.2
Depth (cm)50
Certifications / Compliance
Meets requirementsEcodesign, Compliance with BIMSCHV 2, Designed for recuperation
Energetic efficiency
Energy classA
Seasonal Heating efficiency (%)69
Emisja CO (mg/m3)1214
Energy efficiency index (EEI)105.6
Additional information
Design featuresAir intake - built in , Decorative glass, Ashpan, Combustion chamber lining

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