Rated output (kW) 14
Heating efficiency (%) 85.7
Weight (kg) 201.12
Meets requirements
  • Ecodesign
  • Designed for recuperation
Availability 14 days of implementation In productionn
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The body and front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the material used - high-quality steel.

Built-in flame tubes and a high flue that increase the heat exchange surface.

Adjustment of air draft using a built-in damper.

The device has a triple aeration system for the combustion chamber, thanks to which the combustion of wood in the insert is ecological and, most importantly, economical.

Primary air is supplied to the insert from the outside, thanks to the built-in air intake spigot fi 125 mm. The air inlet connector is located in the floor of the insert.

Secondary air is supplied through the holes located in the rear wall of the furnace, creating the so-called exhaust afterburning system. It is responsible for burning gases and reducing the emission of harmful substances into the environment. It increases the efficiency of the fireplace, thanks to which the device achieves very low CO emission parameters (low CO emission).

The device is equipped with a clean glass system - thanks to the so-called The air stream is distributed evenly across the curtain, sweeps across the glass and minimizes soot build-up. This allows you to maintain the attractive and clean appearance of the glass for a long time.

The regulation of combustion chamber aeration is independent for all three systems, thanks to which the user has better control over the combustion process.


Excellent tightness thanks to solid welds made in a noble gas shield.

Laser-cut steel elements using modern equipment and then bent on CNC bending machines.

Overheating protection with built-in coil - 1⁄2" in/out connector.


The device meets the requirements of Ecodesign and the BImSchV 2 standard, setting the maximum CO emission.


The classic front of the insert is equipped with heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 660 C.

Cold handle system that reduces the risk of burns thanks to the possibility of removing it while burning.

Decorative fence makes it easier to keep it clean and protects against falling out of wood.

Removable grate and ash pan make it easy to keep the insert clean.

Technical data

General data
Rated output (kW)14
Heating power range (kW)5,5 - 16,5
Heating efficiency (%)85.7
Max working pressure (bar)2
Water capacity (l)40.5
Exhaust gas temperature (℃)210
Type of fuelSeasoned deciduous wood (humidity ≤20%)
Door opening systemLeft
Self ClosureNo
Flue outlet diameter (mm)200
Physical parameters
Width (cm)69
Height (cm)90.5
Depth (cm)57.2
Weight (kg)201.12
Certifications / Compliance
Meets requirementsEcodesign, Designed for recuperation
Energetic efficiency
Average power from water (kW)7.5
Seasonal Heating efficiency (%)76
Emisja CO (mg/m3)1162
Energy efficiency index (EEI)114
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Nasze 25-letnie doświadczenie w połączeniu z najlepszymi materiałami, nowoczesnym parkiem maszynowym oraz kontrolą jakości sprawiają, że za urządzenia Kratki PRO bierzemy pełną odpowiedzialność, dając im aż 10 lat gwarancji. Każde urządzenie posiada indywidualny Certyfikat Jakości.

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