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An MSK GLASS set with a Ø125 damper is a modern fireplace controller with a glass touch screen, which can be used for all air and water jacket inserts. Its task is to supply cold air (for combustion) from the outside of the building, directly to the combustion chamber, so that it is maximally effective. Thanks to its application, we are able to save up to 30% of timber and already after 2 months of operation, pays itself back.



- controlling two c.h. pumps and one, independently set device, e.g. turbine or lighting

- fireplace turbine controls

- precise dosage of combustion air

- overheating protection

- cutting off air supply in the event of a power outage

- acoustic warnings.



- microprocessor controller

- temperature sensor with a 2.5m long silicone cable

- damper with a servomechanism.


The damper is equipped with a special gasket, which makes isolating outside air (combustion) complete. After the glow goes out in the insert, the controller automatically closes outside cold air inflow, thanks to which the hearth and apartment do not cool down immediately.

NOTE! In cast iron fireplaces, the sensor cannot be places on the insert, since it can melt because of the temperature.

Controlling an oil or gas furnace in a system with a fireplace is automatic. If we light a fire in the fireplace, the oil or gas furnace controls will automatically record increased temperature in the house, therefore, will not activate an oil or gas furnace until the fire in the fireplace is put out. At night, when the timber in the fireplace starts to deplete and the temperature will begin to decrease, an oil or gas furnace will automatically activate. Therefore, there is no need to connect a fireplace controller with the oil or gas furnace controller.

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