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The hot water exchanger without tubes is a fireplace cowl designed to be mounted on the exhaust outlet from the fireplace. The task of the element is to recover some of the thermal energy from the exhaust gases leaving the combustion chamber of the fireplace insert. Heat is transferred further to domestic hot water or, through a central heating system, to radiators in residential areas. It is a very economical source of heat, because it does not require the use of additional fuel, it only uses the excess heat in the exhaust gases flowing to the chimney. Hot exhaust gases flow through the exchanger, heating the water in the exchanger`s jacket. Hot water is led out via a spigot located at the top part of the exchanger. The exchanger is adapted to cooperate with radiator installations and floor heating systems supplied with central heating furnaces using solid fuels, gas, oil, electricity, heat pumps and solar batteries.


The hot water exchanger is made of steel intended to work at elevated temperatures. This material is adapted to operate in central heating systems, it ensures high reliability of the device, thermal resistance and long-term operation. 


The central part of the exchanger is the internal chamber. At the inlet of the chamber, a movable plate is mounted which ensures proper arrangement of the damper.


The damper, which controls the flue gas flow, is installed in the inside chamber:

1 - the vertical damper is in the open position - the exhaust gas flows directly to the smoke duct - the exchanger is off

2 - the horizontal damper is in the closed position - the exhaust gas flows over the exchanger`s water jacket transferring heat to the water jacket - the exchanger is on


Note! When lighting a fireplace, the damper should be in the vertical position (exchanger off). When building the exchanger in, one must always remember to provide access to regulate the damper, e.g. through the revision opening.



Nominal power (kW): from 5 to 7 - depends on the power of the fireplace insert.

Flue diameter (mm): 200

Thermal efficiency (%): to 65%

Weight (kg): 54,2

Water capacity (l): 17,5.

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Physical parameters
Weight (kg)54.2
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