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External system chimneys are an excellent alternative to brick chimneys. They can be installed in any place. They do not require having a ready-made chimney duct. They give the possibility to choose the place of installation - externally on the support or on the foundation.


Quick and easy installation

Our chimneys are a set of components with modular assembly - or "plug-in" assembly. Their installation is simple, allowing you to set up the construction yourself according to the included instructions.

An exterior chimney is ideal for homes that do not have an interior chimney in their design.

Can be easily disassembled - in case reinstallation is required.

A wide range of additional elements, with different diameters and dimensions.

The light weight of the materials allows for placing the chimney in the desired place, without causing any stress to e.g. roof or wall structures. The chimney is attached to an outside wall with a special clamp.



The twin wall steel chimney system allows you to set up a fireplace insert, stove in a desired place. An external chimney for a fireplace can be installed in any space.

A wide range of additional elements allows you to match the steel chimney to any elevation and roof.



Double wall Stainless Chimney Systems KRATKI are fully compatible with the heating devices we offer (such as fireplaces and free-standing stoves).



We used high-grade, certified steel in the production of the exterior chimney.

The materials used are resistant to high temperatures, which guarantees no deformation or discoloration while using heating devices.The system consists of two steel flue pipes (combustion core and outer jacket). The exhaust gas is ejected through the flue pipe and the air intake between the wood stove pipe and the jacket. We also offer pipe kits.

An isolated twin wall flue has an inner filling made of mineral wool, which protects it from cold.



Twin wall chimney made with the highest precision ensures airtightness of the installation during installation and operation.

The mineral wool that is between the chimney walls prevents heat from being transferred to the outer walls.

Being made of acid-resistant steel makes it durable and resistant to products of combustion and atmospheric factors.

The completed exterior chimney is easy to clean - each has a cleanout.

Fast heating of the steel allows the chimney draught to be generated faster and reduces the likelihood of smoke escaping into the house while, for example, adding wood to the fireplace.



The 25-year warranty gives you the assurance of high quality and long life of our systems.

All components are certified by a renowned German institute and tested to the highest quality and safety standards.



Chimney bracket

Clamping bracket 200 (7 pcs)

Wall bracket 200

Chimney ending 200

Start plate with roof plate

T-pipe 90 200

Chimney Pipe 200 1m (3 pcs.)

Chimney Pipe 200 0,5m

Technical data

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Physical parameters
Weight (kg)48.72
Width (cm)26
Height (cm)400
Depth (cm)26

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