Rated output (kW) 10
Heating efficiency (%) 75
Weight (kg) 180.1
Meets requirements Ecodesign
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Cast iron free-standing stove KOZA K9

with a set of fireworks.

Catalog number:##KOZA/K9/150/ZESTAW/FAJERKI##

Product information:

The stove is made of cast iron.
Meets ECODESIGN requirements.
Black color.
Cast iron, minimum thickness 8 mm.
Rustic finish.
It has a grate and an ash pan, which makes it easier to keep the stove clean.
High efficiency of the stove, up to 75%
The diameter of the exhaust gas outlet is 150
It has a heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 660°C.
Straight glazing - 36.7 cm wide.
Clean glass system.
Cold handle system - you can take photos while burning so that it does not heat up.
Deflector - combustion of fuel particles. Extends the exhaust gas path.
Above the glass - secondary air regulation.
Under the glass - primary air regulation.
Door opens to the left.
Possibility to install the exhaust gas outlet at the back or top of the stove.
Kit for connecting the stove to the chimney.

Technical data:


Type of fuel: seasoned hardwood (humidity ≤20%)
Type of glazing: straight
Nominal power (kW): 10
Heating power range (kW): 5.5 - 13.5
Material: cast iron
Thermal efficiency (%): 75
Exhaust gas temperature (oC): 290
Max log length (cm): 35
Door opening: left< /p>

Physical parameters

Weight (kg): 165
Exhaust gas outlet diameter (mm): 150
Width (cm): 76.6
Height (cm): 66
Depth (cm): 54.6


Meets ECODESIGN criteria

Energy Efficiency

Energy Class: A
EEI coefficient: 98.9
CO emission (at 13% O2) ≤ given in %: 0.15
Pollen emission (dust) (mg/Nm3): 14< /p>


✅ Ashtray


Cast iron free-standing stove KOZA K9 fi 150 - 1 pc.

Set of fireworks - 1 pc.

The use of fireworks allows you to place pots of various sizes directly on the fire and regulate the amount of heat reaching them.


The goat uses a solid cast iron grate. It can be removed and cleaned.


This is a drawer/ash container where the remains of burnt wood accumulate. It is removable and easy to clean.

It also facilitates manual control of the combustion process through the ash pan.


The decorative fence makes it easier to keep the furniture clean and protects it from falling out.


Limited soot deposition thanks to the clean glass system (air deflector). Classic insert front equipped with heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 660°C.

The cold handle system allows you to remove it when smoking in the stove. Thanks to this, it does not heat up and you can easily add wood.


Afterburning of fuel particles thanks to the deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path.


Can be used in various installation conditions, thanks to the adjustable exhaust gas outlet: at the back or on top of the goat.


Recommended fuel:

The manufacturer recommends using logs of deciduous trees such as: beech, hornbeam, oak, alder, birch, ash, etc. with the dimensions of logs or logs: approx. 30 cm long and approx. 30 cm to 50 cm in circumference. - the moisture content of wood used to heat the device should not exceed 20%, which corresponds to wood seasoned 2 years after felling, stored under a roof.

Fuel not recommended:

You should avoid using logs or logs with humidity above 20% for firing the device, as this may result in failure to achieve the declared technical parameters - reduced thermal power. It is not recommended to use logs of coniferous trees and resin-bearing trees to heat the device, as they cause the device to become heavily smoky and require more frequent cleaning of the device and the chimney flue.

Prohibited fuel:

The following cannot be burned in the heaters: minerals (e.g. coal, tropical wood (e.g. mahogany), chemical products or liquid substances such as oil, alcohol, gasoline, mothballs, laminated boards, impregnated or pressed pieces glued wood, garbage. If another fuel is permitted, information will be placed on the rating plate.


1. How to position the goat?

The minimum distance between the stove and non-flammable materials is 40 cm. The minimum distance between the stove and flammable materials is 60 cm from the door side 150.

2. Main safety rules

During all activities related to the operation and maintenance of the stove, remember that its cast iron elements may have high temperatures, therefore the minimum distance between the stove and non-flammable materials should be 40 cm.
Minimum distance between the stove and materials flammable sides and back 60 cm from the door side 150.
Use protective gloves onne.

When operating and using the furnace, follow the rules that ensure basic safety conditions:

read the operating instructions for the fireplace insert and strictly follow its provisions; -
do not leave anything sensitive to temperature near the furnace glass, do not extinguish the fire in the furnace with water, do not operate the stove with a cracked glass, there must be no flammable elements near the stove;
items made of flammable materials , must be at a distance of at least 0.6 m from the fireplace;

For the safety of using the stove, it is recommended to remove the handle during its operation.

3. Cleaning the glass

It can only be cleaned when the stove is turned off. Do not use abrasive agents for this purpose. We recommend our liquids or foams, available at our auctions.

4. Ash removal

Regular emptying of the ash pan prevents ash from spilling outside. Do not allow the ash to touch the bottom of the grate (this prevents the circulation of air necessary for combustion). The ash should be poured into a metal container with a tight lid.

5. Stove maintenance

The stove should be inspected and cleaned before each heating season. Pay special attention to the condition of the seals and replace them if necessary. In order to limit the deposition of creosote, it is recommended to temporarily set the fireplace to maximum combustion with the door closed. Only devices intended for this purpose should be used to clean the chimney. The user is obliged to clean the chimney in accordance with applicable regulations.


The only correct and recommended way to light fireplaces and free-standing stoves is the so-called lighting from the top. Do not completely fill the fireplace with wood, the optimal amount of fuel is one that will fill the combustion chamber by a maximum of 1/3 of its volume. Before adding wood, wait until the flames subside; do not add wood when the heat is too high. After lighting the fire, fill the combustion chamber with wood, arranging the fuel in a way that will rationally fill the chamber for the expected burning time determined by the user based on individual experience. The door must be closed each time. After a long period of non-use, it is recommended to light the appliance for the first time with lower power.



Several larger logs of wood (split; max. humidity up to 20%; diameter approx. 10-13 cm) - A handful of small logs for kindling (diameter approx. 2-5 cm; max. humidity up to 20%) - Any kindling - Matches/lighter


We open all air vents/throttles in the furnace - We place larger logs on the bottom of the fireplace in an alternating manner - On top of the thick logs we place a layer of small logs for kindling (no more than 3 layers). Place the logs leaving spaces between them to ensure free air flow - Place kindling on the top layer of the log


Light the kindling and close the fireplace door. Depending on the length of the chimney and its draft, lighting may take from a few to several minutes. In case of insufficient draft in the chimney, in the initial stage of lighting the fireplace, open the fireplace door by opening it. It is also a good idea to open the window in the room where the fireplace is installed to let more air in (only in the case of devices that do not have a built-in air intake from the outside)

The fireplace insert is intended for burning wood with a moisture content of up to 20%. The use of coal, coke, carbon-based products, plastics, garbage, rags and other flammable substances is not allowed.

The practical assessment of the moisture content of the wood fuel used is as follows. Wood, which is to have a moisture content of 18-20%, must be seasoned for 18-24 months or be dried in dryers. With the reduction of wood moisture, its calorific value increases, which means financial savings - up to 30% of the total weight of wood needed for one heating season. If wood with too high humidity is used for burning, excessive energy consumption may occur, which is needed to evaporate the moisture and create condensation in the flue or combustion chamber, which affects the heating of the room. Another negative phenomenon observed when using wood with too high humidity is the release of creosote - sediment that destroys the chimney flue, which in extreme cases may cause ignition and fire of the chimney.

Due to the above, it is recommended to use hardwood such as oak, beech, hornbeam and birch. Coniferous trees are characterized by lower energy values, and pbut they are not the ones that cause intense sooting of the glass

Technical data

General data
Rated output (kW)10
Flue outlet diameter (mm)150
Door opening systemLeft
Heating power range (kW)5.5 - 13.5
Lining colorWhite
Exhaust gas temperature (℃)290
Heating efficiency (%)75
Physical parameters
Weight (kg)180.1
Width (cm)76.6
Height (cm)66
Depth (cm)54.6
Certifications / Compliance
Meets requirementsEcodesign
Energetic efficiency
Energy classA
Energy efficiency index (EEI)98.9
Additional information
Design featuresAshpan

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