With the end of the Brexit transition period, from 1 January 2021, for orders to the UK exceeding £135, VAT tax and duty (if required by UK regulations) will be collected at the point of import. Couriers may collect the amount due on behalf of HMRC and charge you an admin additional fee.


1. The Products offered in the Online Shop are covered by a Vendor’s warranty for the Product’s proper functioning as per the attached Proof of Purchase.

2. The warranty covers a time period starting with the date of purchase of the Product (based on the warranty card or the Proof of Purchase).

3. The warranty period is different for each Product and is dependent on the Product and its components. The Product may be built from multiple components, each of which having different warranty periods.

4. The warranty period begins when the original Product is first purchased by the first Buyer (end user).

5. Any performance of free of charge warranty repairs shall be based on the warranty card. The warranty card shall only be valid if it contains all applicable dates, stamps, signatures, and no corrections performed by unauthorised persons.

6. The Buyer’s rights under the warranty shall automatically expire once the warranty period ends.

7. Any damage resulting from improper usage, warehousing, improper conservation, contrary to the conditions specified in the product manual, or for any other reason outside of the Manufacturer’s control and scope of activity, shall result in exclusion of all warranty claims.

8. In order to report a warranty claim, the Buyer should fill the complaint form available at: https://kratki.com/sklep/en or send a filled complaint protocol (Appendix no. 2), along with the warranty card and the Proof of Purchase, via e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected].

9. The reported warranty complaint shall then be examined by the Service, which shall determine whether the defect is not a result of the actions of the Buyer. The warranty complaint shall be responded to within 14 calendar days of it being reported in writing.

10. The warranty does not exclude, limit, nor suspend any of the Buyer’s rights to assert their legal claims against the Vendor for liability due to physical and legal defects of the Product within the scope of the Civil Code dated April 23rd 1964 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) 2017, item 459).

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