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Set of cast iron accumulation discs 3 pcs. for stoves BJORN/W, KOZA/AB/ENYO/R/W, ROLLO/W, ERIK/W

Sku AKU/Z/150/3
Weight (kg) 69.07
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The cast iron accumulation disc set represents a revolution in the way heat is recovered from traditional stoves. Created with ecology and energy efficiency in mind, it allows a significant reduction in heat loss that would normally escape with the flue gases into the environment. Properly designed, they increase the surface area in contact with the flue gases, resulting in more efficient heat transfer.

The use of discs not only contributes to the thermal efficiency of the stove chamber, but also allows heat to be stored, which can be gradually released into the environment up to 3 hours after the fire has gone out. This allows users to enjoy the heat for a longer period of time, which is particularly important on cold days.

The heat release time values are approximate and may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the length of time the fire has been burning, the degree to which the chamber has warmed up, the ambient temperature, the type of fuel used and its calorific value.

It is an economical solution for anyone who wants to increase the efficiency of their stove and contribute to environmental protection at the same time.



1. Heat absorption - the cast iron discs in the stove absorb heat from the hot flue gases during the combustion process.

2. Energy accumulation - due to its properties, cast iron effectively stores a significant amount of heat energy.

3. Gradual heat release - once the fire is extinguished, cast iron discs release the stored heat slowly, which provides heat for a longer period of time.

4. Stable home climate - the gradual release of heat by the cast iron discs contributes to maintaining comfortable and even heating of the living spaces.

5. Higher efficiency - a stove with cast iron discs is more efficient, which can translate into savings in wood consumption.

Technical data

General data
Flue outlet diameter (mm)150
MaterialsSteel, Cast iron
Additional information
Physical parameters
Width (cm)50.39
Height (cm)32.94
Depth (cm)50.39
Weight (kg)69.07

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