All our products are manufactured with the greatest care and we take care of their every detail.

All the details that are of great importance in the appearance of the final product are important to us. Our designers take care primarily of user safety, high efficiency and low emissions of inserts.

We are resourceful

When designing new models, we make each of our products respond the needs of our customers. We examine the demand, we look for the most appropriate design and modern technology, thanks to which our products are unique.

20Currently our design department employs 20 people.

We have modern production technology

Advanced and regularly expanded and updated machinery equipped with, among other things, laser cutting machines (TruLaser 5030 fiber (L41) - 3 kW, TruLaser 5030 fiber (L56) - 5 kW, TruLaser 5030 fiber (L68) - 5 kW, Punch: TruMa[c 3000 fiber - 3 kW), CNC benders and robot welding stations. hey provide a partial automation of the production process and improve its efficiency.

We provide continuous quality control

Continuous efforts in direct contact with the end customer and investments in production facilities enabled us to gain the leading position in the industry. The high quality of our products and affordable prices quickly won the trust and favor of customers; and our continuously expanded offer drew the attention of future trading partners. We strive to built relationships with them, as well as with our employees, on the basis of the values of close family ties.When executing our business objectives, we do not forget about mutual respect and cooperation partnership standards.

Quality first of all

Our designers take care primarily of user safety, high efficiency and low emissions of inserts. Nevertheless, modern design and functionality of the manufactured devices are also important to us.


We have a modern laboratory which complies with PN-EN 13240, "Solid fuel space heaters". We conduct preliminary tests before the final tests in a certified laboratory. Fireplace inserts are tested for: efficiency, power, exhaust temperature and emissions of oxides.