Procesamiento de pedidos y entrega




1. The Buyer is obliged to utilise the Online Shop in a manner consistent with the applicable provisions of the law, as well as the principles of social co-existence and morality, ensuring respect for individual and intellectual property rights of any third parties.

2. The online shop provides its services within the throughout the world territory, excluding the Republic of Poland.

3. The Buyer may select one of the following methods of placing an Order:

a) via a previously established Account,

b) via filling an Order Form available on the Online Shop’s website,

c) via sending an Individual Offer to the Buyer.

4. All Products available in the Online Shop are original, brand new (free of defects), and consistent with the applicable standards and requirements.

5. The Orders, as per point 3 a and b of this article, may be placed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

6. In order to properly place and realise the Order as per point 3 a of this article, the Buyer is required to fill a Registration Form and therefore create an Account.

7. In order to properly place and realise the Order as per point 3 b of this article, the Buyer is required to add a Product to the Basket, fill the Order Form available in the Online Shop, and send it to the Shop.

8. In order to properly place and realise the Order as per point 3 c of this article, the Vendor is required to send an offer prepared at the Buyer’s individual request to the Buyer via e-mail and then having it accepted by the Buyer.

9. The Orders placed during Business Days after 4 p.m., on Saturdays and Sundays, and during public holidays, will be processed during the following Business Day.

10. The Vendor shall inform the Buyer that their Order has been placed and accepted for processing via e-mail.

11. The Sale Contract is considered concluded the moment the Buyer receives the e-mail specified in point 10 of this article.

12. The placed Orders may be subsequently modified or cancelled by the Buyer, up to the moment the Product is sent to the Buyer. The modifications may entail only cancelling some or all of the ordered Products, changing the delivery address, or changing the invoice details. The modification or cancellation of the Order may be concluded by contacting the Internet Sales Team under the following telephone number: +48 48 389 99 11, or via e-mail:

13. The Orders placed in the Online Shop will be processed (i.e. prepared for delivery) with up to 14 Business Days.

14. The Buyer shall be informed of any instances of Products being not available, in which case they may agree to prolong the processing of the Order or cancel the missing item or the entire Order. If any Products are not available, the estimated time of the Order’s processing shall be individually agreed on with the Buyer.

15. Should there arise any doubts as to the content of the placed Order (e.g. a manual mistake in the address, incomplete personal data), the Vendor reserves the right to verify the Order via the Online Shop’s customer service.

16. The Vendor reserves the right to cancel the Order if the Buyer does not correct the erroneous or missing data within 7 days of being contacted regarding them.




1. One of the following shipping companies are going to be selected - DPD or DHL (in the case of a package) or otherwise Dascher company, DB Schenker or Raben Group (in the case of pallets). In case of the transport of pallets, delivery includes removing pallets from loading box by the courier. The delivery does not include carrying the pallets to the place designated by the Buyer.

2. The delivery address is provided by the Buyer when placing an Order.

3. The delivery charges are covered by the Buyer.

4. The Buyer is informed of the delivery charges when placing an Order.

5. The delivery charges depend on the type of the package and the chosen payment method. The amount of delivery costs is visible in the course of submitting orders.

6. Waiting time for delivery on the territory of European Union (starting from the moment the package is handed over to the courier (Monday to Friday)) depends on delivery adress, althought it should not be longer than 10 Business Days. Outside a territory of European Union, waiting time is longer and depends on delivery adress, althought it should not be longer than 30 Business Days.

7. The Vendor is obliged to deliver the Products free of defects.

8. The Buyer is obliged to collect the shipped Product.