Insulated conduit Ø 125, length 5m

EAN: 5901350036624

Insulated conduit Ø 125, length 5m

Flexible conduit insulated, specially designed for the ventilation and air conditioning market.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 3,1
Elements of hot air distribution isolated wire


Product advantages:

  • completely non-flammable flexible conduit
  • the inner layer does not contain polyester
  • thanks to the thicker aluminum layer, the conduit has higher stiffness, durability and mechanical resistance compared to a traditional flexible conduit
  • individually packed
  • low transport and storage costs
  • easy assembly
  • no need to use special tools for cutting or fixing
  • does not emit toxic gases at high temperatures
  • the product has European approvals for non-flammability
  • Polish Hygienic Attestation
  • Declaration of Conformity with Polish standards PN-EN 13180
  • Polish Certificate non-flammable: class C-s1, d0



Flexible conduit insulated, specially designed for the ventilation and air conditioning market. Thanks to temperature resistance up to + 250°C and total non-flammability, it is suitable for the distribution of hot air, including for spreading hot air from fireplaces. Suppresses system vibrations, reduces the need for fittings. Is thermally insulated.



The inner layer of the conduit is an unperforated M0 conductor. Two-layer aluminum foil bonded with non-flammable adhesive. Sunk spiral steel wire with a pitch of 24 mm. The insulating coating is mineral wool, while the outer shell is a multilayer coating of laminated aluminum reinforced with fiberglass.


Inner cable - M0 (without perforation)

Insulation 20 kg/m³ - mineral wool 25 mm

Outer shell - reinforced aluminum, polyester

Working temperature range -30/+250°C

Max. air speed 30 m/s

Max. operating pressure 3000 Pa


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