Heat-resistant plate 5 pcs
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Heat-resistant plate 5 pcs

Insulation heat-resistant boards size 1000/500/30 - set of 5 pieces, designed for thermal insulation of the walls of the fireplace.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 20,0
Components for building-in plate


Heat-resistant insulation boards are designed for thermal insulation of the walls of the built fireplace and at the same time can serve as its housing. Their properties make them very easy to assemble. It is enough to have the simplest joinery tools, such as a wood saw, high-temperature glue and screws to properly cut and connect them together. The boards are non-flammable and dust-free material. On the inner side of the board are subjected to high temperatures, while the outside is kept at a safe temperature for the user.

The boards are sold in packs of 5 pieces. The cost of transport is calculated for every 5 pieces. When ordering a minimum of 4 packages, transport takes place on a pallet.


Product characteristics:

color: white

odor: odorless

fire classification: A1 - non-flammable

maximum operating temperature: 950°C

density: 245 kg/m3

dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 30mm.

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