Grille Venus white with blinds 17x49
  • 2 years

Grille Venus white with blinds 17x49

The original texture of grille allows to fit it to the different type and style of interior.

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 0,7
Width (cm) 48,30
Height (cm) 17,60
Depth (cm) 4,50
Colour white
Type rectangular
Features of the grille shutter
Field of active grilles (cm 2 ) 516
Pocket width (cm) 45,60
Pocket height (cm) 14,10
Pocket depth (cm) 4,50


Grille is an elegant ending of the channels distributing warm air from the fireplace.

It is installed in a wall through pockets and flexible clips.

This solution enables the rapid assembly and disassembly, eg. for cleaning purposses.

Grille is equipped with a pocket that allows to instal it into the wall.

Modern shape of the grille and original texture allows to fit the model to a different type and style of interior.

Grille frame painted with powder paint becomes resistant to mechanical damage and elevated temperatures and its color remains permanent and unchanging.

The grille is equipped with built-in movable blinds, with a knob which allows to control the flow of air.

This type of grille should not be installed on the casing's top.

24 months warranty.

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