Fireplace cassette ARKE 80
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Fireplace cassette ARKE 80

Modern small fireplace cassette, which is a compact device for heating.
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Technical Specifications

Rated output (kW) 12,0
Range of heating power (kW) 6.0 - 16.0
Efficiency (%) 75,0
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm) 200
Designed for heat recovery unit No
Fuel type zalecane sezonowane drewno liściaste o wilgotności ≤20%
Weight (kg) 132,0
CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,10
Flue gas temperature (℃) 320,0
Max log length (cm) 35
Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 34,0
Compliance with BlmSchV 2 standard Yes
The minimum active field of exhaust grilles (cm 2 ) ≥900
The minimum active field of inlet grilles (cm 2 ) ≥700
Glazing type proste
Opening of the doors w lewo
Material stal
Width (cm) 85,00
Height (cm) 61,80
Depth (cm) 47,05
External air inlet No
The liner of the combustion chamber Yes
Ashpan Yes
Decorative printed glass Yes
Field of active grilles (cm 2 ) ≥700



The body and the front of the insert are resistant to high temperatures thanks to the high quality steel used in production.

Efficient burning process & maintaining of temperature to keep the warmth for longer thanks to lining of combustion chamber with Acumotte - heat accumulating material which raises the temperature in the combustion chamber.

Combustion of fuel particles thanks to deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path.

Axial ventilators with adjustable power, enable for heating depending on user needs- ventilators operate at high speed, heating the room in a shorter time or at reduced speed, thereby keeping the warm in the room and silence. The turbine is powered from the mains with 230 V. The total fan capacity is 280 m3 / h at a relatively low power consumption of 38 W.

Two additional upper outlets of hot air with 125 mm diameter for connection the wires for air distribution. It allows for effectively use the heat from the burning wood to heat the adjoining rooms.



Fire resistant power cords and electronic safety system.

Separate regulation of primary and secondary air (air curtain; reducing the amount of exhaust and helps to keep the glass clean).



Decorative, heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 800oC. It gives a fireplace a modern and elegant look, visually enlarges the front of the insert.

5 year warranty.

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