Freestanding STOVE AB
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Freestanding STOVE AB

Stove AB with cylindrical, modern design is a great solution for people who long for warmth, but do not have a large space in their interior.

Technical Specifications

Rated output (kW) 8,0
Range of heating power (kW) 5.5 - 10.5
Efficiency (%) 78,0
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm) 150
Complies with Ecodesign criteria Yes
Designed for heat recovery unit No
Fuel type recommended seasoned hardwood with moisture ≤20%
Weight (kg) 125,0
CO emission (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in % 0,08
Flue gas temperature (℃) 265,0
Max log length (cm) 25
Emission of dust (mg/Nm 3) 39,0
Compliance with BImSchV 2 standard Yes
The energy efficiency index EEI 102,79
Glazing type quadrant
Opening of the doors to the left
Material cast iron, steel
Width (cm) 52,80
Height (cm) 105,20
Depth (cm) 41,00
External air inlet Yes
The liner of the combustion chamber Yes
Ashpan Yes
Decorative printed glass No
ASDP - automatic control of the air supply No
Water panel No



Maximum use of heat due to cast irom elements: top plate, door, and grate. Combustion chamber and thebody of the insert made from steel intended to work at elevated temperatures.

Full combustion on the dust thanks to two deflectors (steel and Acumotte) extending the exhaust path.

Triple system of combustion chamber's air venting: primary air - secondary air supplied under the grate through holes in a back wall. Additionally clean glass system designed (air curtain).

Efficient burning process & maintaining of temperature to keep the warmth for longer thanks to lining of combustion chamber with Acumotte - heat accumulating material which raises the temperature in the combustion chamber.

Built-in fi 100 external air intake which provides air supply from the outside directly into the hearth which results in better combustion and better comfort of usage.



Front is equipped with a heat-resistant ceramics that can withstand temperatures up to 800oC.



Effective combination of steel and cast iron.

An elegant and comfortable handle.

The chamber below the furnaces is equipped with a mechanism push to open - press to open.

Improved vision of the fire thanks to the curved glass

5 year warranty.

Technical drawing

Additional options

Top plate cover for STOVE AB
20,00 zł

Top plate cover for STOVE AB is required for back exhaust outlet installation.

Spring for door shutting STOVE AB
120,00 zł

Spring for door shutting - automatically closes the door.

Manual damper Ø 100 for STOVE AB
200,00 zł

Manual damper Ø100 for STOVE AB - is used to adjust the amount of air supplied to the combustion chamber.

Steel pipe 150/0.5m
58,00 zł

Exhaust pipe designed for connecting wood-fired fireplace inserts an the existing flue pipes.

Movable elbow 150/90
90,00 zł

Adjustable elbow up to 90°, 3-segment, diameter: 150 mm.

Steel pipe 150/1m
86,00 zł

Exhaust pipe designed for connecting wood-fired fireplace inserts an the existing flue pipes.

Damper Ø 150 black
90,00 zł

The damper is designed to regulate the smoke draft.

Steel rosette Ø 150
17,00 zł

Rosette Ø 150, made of black sheet - a masking element.

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