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1. Once the International shipping list is signed (with a legible signature, date, and time of the package's collection), the Buyer who is not a Consumer as per the Civil Code dated April 23rd 1964 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) number 16, position 93), is obliged to inspect the contents of the package in the presence of the courier. The courier is obliged to wait until the package is inspected. Should any damage or defect of the Product be detected, it shall be necessary to draw up a damage report, which shall then constitute a basis for filing a complaint.

2. If any damage to the package is detected, the courier is obliged to draw up a damage report in the place of unloading. Such a report should always be at a courier’s disposal. The courier is obliged to write down the damage report, in case of the courier's refusal, please contact to DPD Customer Service Office or DHL Customer Service Office.

3. Before the damage report is signed, it should be carefully read and examined in terms of whether its contents correspond to the actual state of the package (damaged packaging, warning signs). The Buyer may also take photographs of the damaged Product.

4. Should there arise any difficulties in examining the Product or if the courier refuses to draw up a damage report, the Vendor suggests collecting the personal data of the delivery company employee — name, surname, and employee ID of the courier — and immediately forwarding this information to the person handling the applicable Order or to the complaint department available at the following telephone number: +48 48 389 99 15.

5. The filled damage report (which must include the date of delivery) should be sent by the Buyer via e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected].

6. If the Buyer refuses to collect the package due to it being damaged, it should be noted in the shipping list.

7. Any complaints based on damage during transport are not reported by the DPD or DHL couriers, therefore the Buyer is requested to deliver the complete damage report to the Vendor.

8. The Product should be sent to the Vendor’s postal address Marek Bal Wsola, ul. Gombrowicza 12 - Hala O, 26 – 660 Jedlińsk, Poland.

9. The provisions of the points 1 - 8 of these Terms and Conditions are not applicable to Buyers also being consumers, as per the Civil Code dated April 23rd 1964 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) 2017, item 459). In cases of consumers, the Vendor only suggests inspecting the package in the presence of the courier. Not inspecting the package and not drawing up a damage report will not have an effect on the final complaint due to damage, although going forward with the verification would make the entire process go significantly swifter and easier.




1. If the Buyer determines that the delivered Product has a defect, they should inform the Vendor about it.

2. The complaint should contain a description of the Product’s defects, a date of its detection, and the Buyer’s requests relating thereto. In order to make the complaint processing simpler, the Vendor has made available a complaint form on the Online Shop's website, available at: , as well as a complaint form as a text file available as Appendix no. 2. The Buyer is requested to send the filled form, available at or as Appendix no. 2, to the Vendor via e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected].

3. The Product being the subject of the complaint should be accompanied by its Proof of Purchase or its copy.

4. The Buyer is obliged to send back the Product being the subject of the complaint.

5. The Product should be sent to the Vendor’s postal address: Marek Bal Wsola, ul. Gombrowicza 12 - Hala O, 26 – 660 Jedlińsk, Poland.

6. If the complaint is found to not contain sufficient information, the Vendor shall revert to the Buyer and request additional data before responding to the complaint.

7. The Vendor is obliged to respond to a complaint within 14 calendar days. If no response is provided by the Vendor within the aforementioned time frame, the complaint shall be considered valid.

8. The Vendor is liable for warranty complaints if the defect is detected within 2 years of the Product being delivered to the Buyer.

9. Slight differences in the Product’s appearance resulting from individual settings of the Buyer’s computer — especially their monitor — shall not constitute sufficient basis for warranty claims.

10. The Vendor is not liable for warranty complaints against the Buyers also being entrepreneurs, as per art. 431 of the Civil Code dated April 23rd 1964 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) 2017, item 459).




1. A Buyer who is also a consumer as per art. 221 of the Civil Code dated April 23rd 1964 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) 2017, item 459) has the right to withdraw from a distance Contract, without providing any reasons thereto, within 14 days of receiving the Product.

2. The above provision is not applicable in the following instances:

a) provision of services, where the Vendor carried out a service as per the Buyer’s express consent, where the consumer had been informed before the service was provided that they would lose their right to withdraw from the Contract once the service is carried out,

b) contracts for services for which the price or remuneration is dependent on variations of the financial market, outside of the Vendor’s control, which may occur before the contract withdrawal term is due,

c) contracts for services covering non-prefabricated items, manufactured based on the Buyer’s specifications or used to serve their own, individual needs,

d) contracts for services covering items that quickly deteriorate or with short “best consumed before” time frames,

e) contracts for services covering items delivered in a sealed packaging, which, once opened by the consumer, prevents the item from being returned due to health or hygiene concerns,

f) specific contracts for services covering items that, due to their inherent nature, are inseparably connected to other items once delivered,

g) contracts for services covering alcoholic beverages, the price for which was established when concluding the Sale Contract, and which may be delivered only after 30 days, and their price is dependent on variations of the financial market, outside of the Vendor’s control,

h) contracts in which the Buyer expressly demanded that the Vendor performs urgent repairs or conservatory works. If the Vendor provides any additional services to those requested by the Buyer, or delivers any items other than spare parts required to perform repairs or conservatory works — the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract with regards to the additional services or items,

i) contracts for services covering sound or video recordings, or software delivered in a sealed packaging, if the packaging was opened by the Buyer following the delivery,

j) journals, periodicals, or magazines, except subscription contracts,

k) contracts concluded at a public auction,

l) contracts for services covering accommodation other than for residential purpose, transport of goods, car rental services, catering, or services related to leisure activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance,

m) contracts covering supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium, if the service has begun with the Buyer's prior express consent and with the acknowledgement by the Buyer of losing the right to withdraw.

3. In order to successfully withdraw from the Contract specified in the point 1 of this article, the Buyer needs to inform The Vendor ( Marek Bal, W. Gombrowicza 4 Street 26-660 Wsola/ post office Jedlińsk, phone number +48 48 389 99 11, e-mail address [email protected] about his decision (for example send a written notification via e-mail or traditional mail, call) within the statutory period of 14 days from the moment they collect the package. A template for such a notification can be found in the Appendix no. 1. You can use this template, but it is not mandatory.

4. The Buyer, withdrawing the contract, is obliged to return the Product within 14 days of the withdrawal. Returned products should be sent to the Vendor's postal address: Marek Bal, Wsola ul. Gombrowicza 12- Hala O, 26-660 Jedlińsk, Poland. We kindly ask to attach the Proof of Purchase or it’s copy to the returned Product.

5. The Buyer will have to cover the direct cost of returning the Product. In the case of Products, which by their nature cannot normally be returned by post, the cost is estimated at a maximum range of 800 €.

6. The Buyer shall be responsible for any reductions in the Product’s value resulting from handling of the Product other than what is necessary to establish its nature, characteristics, and functioning.

7. The Vendor guarantees a full refund of the Product’s price and its delivery charges (including packing cost) to the Buyer, immediately, not later than within 14 days.

8. The Vendor shall issue the refund via the same payment method as the one chosen by the Buyer during the original purchase, unless the Buyer expressly consents to a different refund method that would not result in any additional costs. In the case of a refund for payment made by the Buyer with a payment card, the Vendor will refund to the bank account assigned to the Buyer's payment card.

9. If the Buyer chose a delivery method different than the cheapest one offered by the Vendor, the Vendor is not obliged to refund the additional costs incurred by the Buyer.

10. Any Product returns resulting from the withdrawal from the contract, sent on the Vendor’s expense or with cash on delivery, shall not be accepted.

11. The provisions of this article are not applicable to Buyers not being consumers, as per the art. 221 of the Civil Code dated April 23rd 1964 (Dz. U. (Journal of Laws) 2017, item 459), i.e. persons making legal actions directly related to their business.

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