Rated output (kW) 8
Heating efficiency (%) 79.7
Meets requirements
  • Ecodesign
  • Designed for recuperation
  • BImSchV 2
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Front facing
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Self Closure
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Discover comfort with the FLOKI steel fireplace

FLOKI combines elegant aesthetics with advanced combustion technology, blending perfectly with any modern interior. The elegant design with decorative GLASS glass not only visually enlarges the space, but also allows you to enjoy the view of the dancing flames. Lining the combustion chamber with TERMOTEC material ensures longer temperature maintenance and more efficient combustion, which increases the temperature in the firebox and aids the afterburning of fuel particles, minimising harmful emissions.

Thanks to its advanced rear and side aeration system, FLOKI ensures even and efficient combustion, making it not only a more economical but also an eco-friendly choice for your home. In addition, thanks to heat-resistant ceramics from SCHOTT ROBAX and high-quality steel, our fireplace is safe and resistant to high temperatures.

We are confident in the quality of our equipment.

By betting on our product, you ensure peace of mind, trouble-free use and satisfaction with your purchase.

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  • The fireplace meets the requirements of the ECOPROJEKT as well as the strict German BlmschV II standard. It is designed for homes with recuperation.


Based on a photo shoot of the L version, left-hand glazing and TERMOTEC lining in white.

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The triple air circulation contributes to the high efficiency of the combustion process.

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  • Primary air, which facilitates the firing of wood, is supplied under the grate.

    Secondary air is distributed to the rear and side walls of the combustion chamber. It ensures efficient combustion of the gases, reducing smoke and the emission of harmful substances into the environment.

    The air curtain provides a secondary source of combustion air, the jet of which sweeps around the glass effectively moving soot particles away and reducing their deposition on the glass.

    A vermiculite deflector which extends the flue gas path. This process also increases the combustion efficiency and guarantees better energy utilisation.


  • Grate


    It ensures even and efficient combustion of the wood, leading to better fuel utilisation and increased heat output.

    FLOKI fireplaces in M and L versions are distinguished by a wide grate (38 cm), which allows efficient combustion of logs up to 40 cm long, ensuring optimal use of grate space.

  • Ashtray


    In the form of a hopper located below the cast-iron grate. Allows convenient and quick removal of ashes from the fireplace.

    FLOKI fireplaces in M and L versions have an enlarged ash pan, which makes it easier to keep clean and minimizes the need for frequent emptying.

  • Perforated push handle

    Perforated push handle

    Oval-shaped handle with perforations that allow a secure grip and prevent excessive heat build-up.

  • Adjustment of air supply

    Adjustment of air supply

    Control over the combustion process is extremely simple and intuitive. Even people with no experience of fireplaces can easily adjust the air flow to suit their needs, ensuring comfort and convenience.

  • Decorative glazing

    Decorative glazing

    The aesthetically pleasing black decor gives the fireplace an elegant look which makes it not only a functional element but also an attractive addition to the interior.

  • TERMOTEC lining

    TERMOTEC lining

    A heat-accumulating material that increases the temperature in the hearth so that when the fireplace is extinguished, the heat is still transferred to the room in which it is located for a long time. Available in a choice of white or black.

Technical data

General data
VersionFront facing
Rated output (kW)8
Heating power range (kW)3,5 - 11 kW
Heating efficiency (%)79.7
Exhaust gas temperature (℃)270
Max length of logs (cm)40
Min inlet grids active field (cm2)500
Min outlet grids active field (cm2)700
Flue outlet diameter (mm)160
Self ClosureNo
Door opening directionLeft
Energetic efficiency
Energy classA
Energy efficiency index (EEI)106
Seasonal Heating efficiency (%)70
Moc cieplna do ogrzewania pomieszczeń (kW)8
CO emissions (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ given in %0.08
Emisja CO (mg/m3)911
Dust emission (mg/Nm3)19
Emisja NOx (mg/Nm3)108
Emisja OGC (mg/Nm3)75
Certifications / Compliance
Meets requirementsEcodesign, Designed for recuperation, BImSchV 2
Additional information
Design featuresAir intake - built in , Ashpan, Combustion chamber lining, Decorative glass
Front typeSteel front with painted glass
Type of fuelSeasoned deciduous wood (humidity ≤20%)
Physical parameters
Width (cm)69.2
Height (cm)114.8
Depth (cm)45.7

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