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Freestanding stoves

Steel and cast iron

For freestanding stoves the material they are made of is particularly important. It not only affects the styling of the device but also its characteristics. Properties of the material affect how rapidly heat is released into the premises and the time over which the stove is able to keep on releasing the accumulated heat.

Steel stoves

These are made using cutting edge machining methods.

Cast iron stoves

These are classic solutions, based on durable massive casts.


Power rating

As a rule of thumb, 1 kW of power is sufficient to heat 10-12 m². Thus we can select a correct model depending on the area in question.

Use of heat

A stove releases heat throughout its entire surface, and that includes the chimney duct.

Light structure

Smaller weight does away with the need to reinforce floor - ceiling assemblies.

Freedom to design interiors

A stove does not require any additional structural elements, it can be located anywhere as long as a chimney duct can be attached to it.

Ease of mounting

A freestanding stove only requires connection to a chimney duct. It does not require any additional structural or other elements, which reduces costs.

Eco friendly

Similar to all our equipment, hearths are manufactured with minimising harmful substances emissions in mind.

They are nothing like the devices manufactured years age. The modern hearth is a stove, which will efficiently heat the interior within which it is placed.


Our newest solutions comply with the rigorous BImSchV 2 emission standards.


The freestanding stoves or hearths enjoy unwavering interest. Every interior will find its perfect partner in the wide range of available models. The materials used in the production of stoves also determines their style and appearance.

Cast iron

Cast iron stove production technology makes it possible to shape decorative patterns, churning out elegant looking stoves.


The structure of steel stoves permits the introduction of innovations in the form of natural stone, tile and fireproof ceramic decorative elements, which absorb and accumulate heat and at the same time emphasise the flames.