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Fireplace inserts

Steel and cast iron

We supply a wide range of fireplace inserts to match the individual needs of particular users.  An important property of the inserts affecting their characteristics and styling is the material they are made of.

Cast iron inserts

The solid construction and used materials affect heat storage capacity. Classic look is ideal for stonework.

Steel inserts

Technologically advanced solutions in a contemporary design with maximum visual exposure of the flame.

Convenient power rating options

A varied range of fireplace inserts. We recommend units to match your requirements taking into account the area to be heated, intended use and type of heating system in place.

A perfect balance in terms of heat and economics is possible by selecting an appropriate fireplace.

Eco friendly

We do our best to make sure that our products are environmentally friendly.  In order to minimise their impact on the natural environment, we use state of the art technologies.

High standard

Our latest new lines of fireplace inserts and stoves meet strict German emission standards BImSchV 2.

Low dust emissions

Emission of harmful substances is practically eliminated by the modern structure and excellent parameters of the fireplaces.

Heat recovery

Our products can be installed in modern buildings which use mechanical ventilation.

Very efficient

Our units are very efficient and this means that maximum energy is retrieved from the burned wood. The decreased fuel consumption translates into savings and environmental benefits.

Low CO2 emissions

The continual desire to improve fireplace parameters is driving down CO2 emissions.

A wide range of glazings

Flames presented in different frames, shapes and dimensions. Each line of fireplaces is available with different options and types of glazing.