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Fireplace glass

Quality in every detail

To improve quality, we established our own department which is engaged with the processing of fireproof ceramics to be used in inserts and stoves. .

Our services

Accurate glass cutting to your desired size and shape, grinding and polishing edges. 

Key features of our glass

  • Resistance to high temperatures

    Glass ceramics can withstand temperatures of up to 660°C

  • Care for every detail

    Grinding and polishing glass edges

  • Certificate of quality and safety

    Our glass is certified quality and safety

  • Any size and shape

    Accurate glass cutting to your desired size and shape

  • Top quality delivery

    We guarantee immaculate packaging and safety during transport

  • Glass thickness

    Standard glass pane thickness is 4 mm


Eco awareness

In order to minimise emission of harmful greenhouse gasses we try to manufacture all fireplace elements in our own production halls.

Technology at nature’s service

Through an investment in a modern machine park we’ve automated the glass trimming and printing process.