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Fantastic biofuel fireplaces

Top quality of workmanship, safety, contemporary design and ease of use are some of the most important characteristics of our biofuel fireplaces. We supply different designs, shapes and sizes of wall-hanging, free standing and built-in biofuel fireplaces. 

Ease of assembly and mobility

A biofuel fireplace is a device extremely simple to assemble and convenient to use - just add bio-fuel. 

Eco friendly

Biofuel fireplaces only emit heat, steam and negligible quantities of carbon dioxide (similar to that in the air we breathe out). BIO-DECO bio-fuel comprises only products of natural origin and has a NIH approval.

Air quality and aromatherapy

A biofuel fireplace improves air humidity in interiors and is suitable for aromatherapy which has many benefits: it improves concentration, refreshes air as a natural alternative to chemical air fresheners and has therapeutic benefits.

Natural heat

100% of the heat produced in the process of combusting a bio-fuel is emitted into the interior where it is located, thus it can be also used as an additional heat source. 

Quality and safety

Our biofuel fireplaces are made using high quality materials and comply with the CE standard. Biofuel fireplaces are made out of 1.5 mm steel and top quality powder coating is applied. The fuel container is made out of thick stainless steel preventing temperature caused deformations. Biofuel fireplaces are covered by a two year warranty.

Think about safety

A safe biofuel insert with an absorber prevents spillage of fuel even if the container falls over and also ensures better fuel consumption.

The permanent container cover makes it safe to put out and re-kindle a biofuel fireplace.

TÜV certificate

Our biofuel fireplaces have a TÜV safety certificate. The TÜV approval is recognised in most European countries. It stands testament to the high quality of the given product and confirms that it complies with the obligatory safety requirements. Additionally, the TÜV mark of conformity guarantees that the product manufacturing processes are monitored by TÜVRheinnland Polska experts and are performed at the highest technical and organisational level. 


Biofuel fireplaces are devices which let you enjoy a natural fire in any space, from apartments to houses, gardens, terraces, hotels and restaurants. On account of their primarily decorative character, biofuel fireplaces feature attractive designs and come in a multitude of shapes.

A contemporary design in every interior

Are you looking for something more than run of the mill solutions?

We will create a product according to your personalised design. Take a look at our products and select a solution right for you.

Minimalistic luxury and original solutions

A biofuel fireplace decorated with certified Swarovski crystals enchants not only by its top quality finish but also its elegant look. Such a biofuel fireplace is a truly unique gem, which will transform every interior!