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The bio-fireplace Romeo is a model that allows you to admire the fire from four sides, thanks to its glass finish. It is a free-standing bio-fireplace that suits both at home and in the garden, where the play of fire and shadow will delight everyone. Romeo comes in two universal colors - black and white, so everyone can choose the right one for their interiors.



  • View of fire from four sides.
  • Lightweight but stable design, allows you to move it around easily.
  • Burner with adjustable fire height, allows you to change the power of the bio-fireplace.
  • When burning, it raises the temperature in the room by about 2-3 degrees - ideal for colder evenings.
  • Smokeless - when burning, it gives off no smoke or harmful substances, only water vapour and carbon dioxide in the small quantities we ourselves exhale, so it is completely environmentally friendly.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Protective glass to shield the fire.
  • Made from high quality steel, making it durable for years to come.
  • Painted with a specially selected durable paint, the blend of which gives resistance to high temperatures.
  • Smooth finish with uniform texture, allows for easy use and maintenance.
  • The elongated fuel container allows the fire to be beautifully presented in the centre of the bio-fireplace.
  • Durable biofuel container made of stainless steel.
  • Certified for safety by TÜV Rheinnland Poland.
  • Fitted with a safety biowell to prevent fuel spillage.
  • Capacity of the biowell: 0.5 litres.
  • Can be extinguished at any time by means of the supplied handle.
  • Space for arranging decorative elements such as stones, crystals or wood.



  • Romeo bio-fireplace
  • Biofuel holder
  • Tempered glass panels - 5 pieces
  • Handle for extinguishing the fire
  • Operating instructions



The bio-fireplace raises the temperature up to several degrees Celsius, depending on the height of the flame and the size of the interior. The heat produced is 100% given off to the room, so the bio-fireplace can be used as an alternative source of heating while burning.  When burning, it gives off heat to the room with a power that can be compared to a small radiator.

The biofuel Romeo does not require a flue, as no toxic substances are produced by the combustion of bioethanol. 

The Romeo is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Romeo bio-fireplace requires no complicated assembly. Simply place the protective glass in the base, pour in the biofuel to the level marked in the container and use immediately. 

It is possible to extinguish and adjust the flame at any time with the supplied handle.

ROMEO bioethanol fireplace has the ability to be mounted to the ground.


The Romeo bio-fireplace is made of high quality steel, painted with a special paint mix that is resistant to high temperatures, so as not to cause discolouration when burning. You get the assurance that the colour and quality will last for years.

If you are placing the bio-fireplace outdoors, remember to protect it from precipitation and bad weather and it will serve and please you for years.


The production process of bio-fireplaces is monitored by TÜV Rheinland Poland - the bio-fireplace has a German TÜV safety certificate. The TÜV-certified container has an additional special chamber which prevents the fuel from spilling out due to accidental overfilling. It also has a maximum fuel level indicator. An absorbent insert placed in the centre of the container reduces fuel consumption and prevents spilling of the biofuel as a result of tilting the appliance. 


Each Romeo model is fitted with five panes of tempered glass. They restrict direct access to the fire, so by choosing a model with glazing, you increase the safety of its use, particularly for the youngest family members and pets.


You can use aromatherapy in the Romeo bio-fireplace. Aromatherapy will fill the room with a beautiful fragrance - just pour a few drops into the container, place it close to the flame. Under the influence of the temperature, the oil begins to emit a fragrance. The oils have a positive effect on our mood and additionally moisten the air in the room.

You will find a wide range of oils and bowls in the accessories for bio-fireplaces in our shop. 



The Romeo has space to arrange beautiful decorative accessories. You can arrange them around the hearth. In our wide range of decorative elements you will find stones in different colours, crystals, bark, ceramic wood and many other interesting decorations to add variety to your interior.


In our shop you will find a wide range of high-quality biofuel for fireplaces. The fuel can be either odourless or with a beautiful fragrance that fills the room while burning.

Our BIO-DECO biofuel is bioethanol which is designed to be burned in a bio-fireplace. It is poured into a container. During combustion, it burns to the end. The next dose should be topped up after the container has cooled down.

Technical data

General data
MaterialsGlass, Steel
Pojemność biowkładki0,5
Długość linii ognia25
Pojemnik na paliwo5,2 x 30 x 10
Certifications / Compliance
Meets requirementsTÜV
Additional information
Design featuresBiofireplace glazing
Physical parameters
Weight (kg)19
Width (cm)35.9
Height (cm)113.55
Depth (cm)20.9

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